Marriage & Family Therapist

When life gets tough you need to talk with someone who can understand you, your circumstances, and your needs; someone who will respond with compassion. My practice is all about valuing and understanding each person and the context of their lives as they work through their current struggle. I work with clients from as young as three years old to mature adults.  Individuals, couples, families, children, and teenagers come to me for help in creating the fulfilling and satisfying lives they desire. Issues addressed include depression, anxiety, anger, spiritual formation, communication, behavioral, and marital problems. If you are looking for a counselor who understands your beliefs as a Christian I can provide counseling from a Christian perspective. Providing counseling to those in the Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Mesquite, and Pahrump areas.

What Can Be Expected During A Counseling Session?

Regular weekly sessions lasting fortyfive minutes are typical. Depending on your needs sessions may include one or more family members. You can expect to discuss life events from both the past and present as well as the feelings and thoughts associated with such events. Homework may be assigned to help with the process of applying what is learned in the sessions to the relationships which occur outside of the therapy setting.

People Often Seek Counseling For:

· Marital/Partner Problems
· Child-Parent relationships
· Sibling relationships
· Depression and/or Anxiety
· Conflict
· Individual psychological problems
· Problems with work, school or family environments
· Difficulty adjusting to changes in family, career, or life style
· Experiencing excessive anxiety, anger, fear, or sadness
· Low self –esteem
· Difficulty with social situations
· Physical complaints that can not otherwise be explained
· Experiencing prolonged grief or loss
· Having witnessed or experienced violence and/or trauma

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